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VDS-Power is a German based company with vast experience in providing photovoltaic solutions worldwide. Our management team has been focusing on the European market for more than 10 years. We have satisfied customers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and many other European countries.

With direct access to production, we control the quality of the photovoltaic modules by monitoring and documenting the manufacturing processes from material procurement to final testing. With a warehouse in Rotterdam, we ensure fast delivery within the EU. This allows us to respond quickly to the needs of different purchase quantities. We attach great importance to a reliable partnership and cooperation with our customers.

We value reliability, commitment, safety and transparency.

We are looking for you as service partner!

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We look back on a large number of successful projects

Our customers always have a personal contact person who takes care of all their needs and handles them to their complete satisfaction.

  • High efficiency modules
  • High readiness for delivery
  • Absolute quality guarantee

35 KW in Munich

110 pieces of black 320-watt mono-modules generate 50400 KWH per year and provide electricity for a family.

14 KW in Cancún, Mexico

Installation of 33 mono-modules (400 W) in December 2019, generating 40880 KWH to power a resort hotel.

49,7 KW in Stara Kiszewa, Poland

125 units of 400-watt mono-modules installed in August 2020 will generate 71568 KWH per year.

Why you should choose us

VDS-Power operates in compliance with the law and takes into account safety and health guidelines as well as internal company regulations.
At VDS Power, quality always comes first!

  • savings2
    High performance, good prices

    Our modules reach +700Wp and offer excellent value for money at competitive costs.

  • Beautiful design

    Exceptional aesthetics is our trademark. We believe that functionality and attractive, innovative design go hand in hand.

  • Quality guarantee

    At every stage of production there are strict quality controls as well as testing and certification by independent institutions.

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