Module types

VDS Power standard modules (in stock)

Module type
VDS-S120/FNH 325 S120 (158.75mm) 345 Watt, Mono, 120-cell-half-cut, alu frame 1684*1002*35mm 345-1.2023-C35-350
VDS-S120/M6H 355 S120 (166mm) 380 Watt, Mono, 120-cell-half-cut, alu frame 1756*1039*35mm 380-1.2023-R35-C350
VDS-S144/FNH 390 S144 (158.75mm) 410 Watt, Mono, 144-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2008*1002*40mm 410-1.2023-C40-350
VDS-108/M10H 390 108 (182mm) 410 Watt, Mono, 108-cell-half-cut, alu frame 1724*1134*35mm 410-03.2022-R35-C350
VDS-S144/M6H-BG 430 S144 (166mm) 450 Watt, Bifacial Dual Glass 144, alu frame 2095*1039*30mm 450-1.2023-C30-350
VDS-S144/M6H 435 S144 (166mm) 460 Watt, 144-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2095*1039*35mm 460-1.2023-R35-C350
VDS-S150/M12H 495 S150 (210mm) 505 Watt, 210-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2172*1096*35mm 505-1.2023-R35-C350
VDS-S144/M10H 530 S144 (182mm) 550 Watt, Mono, 144-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2279*1134*35mm 550-1.2023-R35-C350
VDS-S110/M12H 545 S110 (210mm) 555 Watt, 210-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2384*1096*35mm 555-1.2023-R35-C350
VDS-S132/M12H 650 S132 (210mm) 670 Watt, 210-cell-half-cut, alu frame 2384*1303*35mm 670-1.2023-R35-C350

Other solar modules can be supplied on request.

Warranty terms
Certificate for using CE-Mark
Certificate for using TÜV-Mark
CSI Certificates Fuoco

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