Our company

Who we are

VDS Power is a German-based renewable energy company that plays a significant role in the global solar industry through the manufacture and sale of modules, cells and storage systems.

The series products and solutions can meet customer requirements for various applications.
Our fully automated production line guarantees consistent high quality.

With our warehouse in Rotterdam, we ensure on-time delivery.

Do you have questions?

Write to us if you would like to learn more about our company or receive a quote.

What we offer

High performance, affordable prices

Installing high efficiency modules to generate more electricity per m2 is critical. Our modules reach +700Wp, offering excellent value for money at competitive costs.

Beautiful design

Exceptional aesthetics is our trademark. And why? Because we believe that functionality and attractive, innovative design go hand in hand.

Quality guarantee

Our modules are subjected to strict quality controls at every stage of production and are tested and certified by first-class independent institutions such as TÜV.

VDS Power works in accordance with the law and takes into account the safety and health guidelines and internal company rules.
At VDS Power, quality always comes first!

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