Our projects


9.99 KW in Hamburg, Germany:
30 pieces of 330W monomodules were installed in January 2020. This will supply a household, a heat pump and an e-car with 12,200 kWh.

Hamburg, Germany


2MW in Chi Minh, Vietnam:
In May 2020, 5195 pieces of 385W mono modules were installed to generate 5760,000 KWH per year to power a factory.

Chi Minh, Vietnam


20KW in Warsaw, Poland:
Since May 2020, 50 pieces of 400W full black monomodules supply a family with 28800 KWH.

Warsaw, Poland


14KW in Cancun, Mexico:
A resort hotel will be equipped with 33 pieces of 400W mono-modules in 2019. Result: 40880KWH

Cancun, Mexico


7KW in Stara Kiszewa, Poland:
125 units of 400-watt monomodules were installed in August 2020, generating 71568 KWH per year to power one building.

Stara Kiszewa, Poland


3 MW in Wuxi, Jiangsu China:
6667 pieces of 450W monomodules were installed in May 2020. Their yield is 4320 MWH per year to supply a steel plant.

Wuxi, Jiangsu China


5MW in Wuxi, Jiangsu China:
11111 units of 450W monomodules will supply a total of 7200 MWH annually to power an industrial park starting in December 2021.

Wuxi, Jiangsu China


74 KW in Aleksandr, Poland:
18 pieces of 375W monomodules were installed in October 2019, generating 9705KWH for a family.

Aleksandr, Poland


16.6 KW in Mexico City, Mexico:
50 pieces of 330 W polymodules were installed in December 2018 and generate 47808 KWH per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of a family.

Mexico City, Mexico


100KW for container in France:
313 pieces of 320W monomodules generate 182500 KWH per year in a removable container since November 2019.

Container solution, France


5MW in Ramallah, Palestine:
8642 pieces of 405W monomodules were installed in August 2020. They generate 8820 MWH per year for the power supply of Ramallah University.

Ramallah, Palestine


20KW in Bangkok, Thailand:
60 pieces of 330W mono-modules will be installed in September 2020. Their yield is 57600 KWH per year to supply one family.

Bangkok, Thailand

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